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Comprehensive headache evaluation and treatment convenient to Ashburn, Leesburg, Lansdowne, Broadlands, Potomac Station and Potomac Falls. Choose a family physician that is board certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Acupuncture located conveniently to most locations in Loudoun County, Virginia. Loudoun Migraine Headache Doctor/Center. Loudoun Tension Headache Specialist.

Headache is very common complaint in most primary care offices. Tension headaches are headaches that occur late in the work day. Migraine headaches are characterized by upset stomach, vomiting, light sensitivity, and a throbbing character. Most patients with migraine headaches have a history of headaches since childhood, and a family history of migraine headaches. It is important for all headaches to be evaluated by a physician, especially headaches that are getting progressively worse, or wake you up from a sound sleep. A complete physical examination and comprehensive treatment plan can help identify which type of headache, and eliminate most types of headache pain. Leesburg Headache, migraine specialist

Standard Treatment-Mild tension or migraine headaches can be managed with over the counter Tylenol and rest. More complex migraine headaches can be managed with prescription medications such as Imitrex or Maxalt that will abort migraine headaches when taken immediately at the onset of the headache. Patients with recurrent migraine headaches can be treated with daily preventative medications like Atenolol (beta blocker), Sertraline or Topamax. Loudoun Acupuncture Headache Specialist

Acupuncture is an extremely effective modality to treat tension headaches that do not respond to over the counter medications, and migraine headaches that do not respond to standard medical treatments. Acupuncture is also very effective when the patient is too nauseated to take the prescription migraine medications, or can not tolerate the side effects of the prescribed medications. Pain relief is immediate, and with repeated treatments the body often learns to heal itself. In some patients standard treatment combined with acupuncture leads to dramatic, immediate and effective pain relief. Loudoun Tension Headache Acupuncture Doctor

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